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Yesterday I went to Urban Outfitters. Mentionable things that happened while I was there.

– I was poked out of the way. Not excused, not even shoved. Poked with an index finger. It was a firm, long poke in the upper back. Have people forgotten how to say excuse me?

-I rode the elevator. UO’s elevator is really ugly and boring. For a store that tries so hard to keep a fashionable and hip appearance you would think that they would go all the way and at least plaster the walls in some hideously decorative wallpaper, but their elevator feels like it is in a shitty hospital dying for a renovation.

-I bought an ugly sweater. I am so glad ugly sweaters are back in style. I can finally be fashionable again. (Future blog entry, my ugly sweater collection)

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Befores and Afters


Purple for Halloween

I look like a meth addict.

Red because I fucked up.

(No more meth)

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Time for a new look.

I’ve decided to chop all off my long beautiful locks. They looks nice, and it took me years to grow, but now they gotta go. HEHE!

Here is a before picture.

After pictures coming soon to a computer screen near you.

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