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Yesterday I went to Urban Outfitters. Mentionable things that happened while I was there.

– I was poked out of the way. Not excused, not even shoved. Poked with an index finger. It was a firm, long poke in the upper back. Have people forgotten how to say excuse me?

-I rode the elevator. UO’s elevator is really ugly and boring. For a store that tries so hard to keep a fashionable and hip appearance you would think that they would go all the way and at least plaster the walls in some hideously decorative wallpaper, but their elevator feels like it is in a shitty hospital dying for a renovation.

-I bought an ugly sweater. I am so glad ugly sweaters are back in style. I can finally be fashionable again. (Future blog entry, my ugly sweater collection)

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People I don’t understand.

#1 Smelly Girl
Take that coat to the dry cleaners. You don’t need to wear it right now anyway, the building has heat.

#2 People who only draw Manga
WTF, seriously? This isn’t deviant art. It’s school. Try drawing normal.

#3 Space invader
Why do you always stand so close to me? I can hear you breathing in my ear it’s disturbing. Please give me at least a 1.5 foot radius.

#4 Dude who talks about himself really loud all the time
Please stop talking about yourself, or at least do it a little quieter. I don’t care about your life. And your painting sucks.

#5 Slacker Kid
No you can’t borrow any of my paint, go buy some supplies. And try doing your work sometime. TRY. I don’t understand why you are wasting your time and money.

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Here are some drawings from my final project of clothed figure drawing, at Gue’s request.

I’m so glad it’s over!

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New Pencil Sharpener

I bought a $30 pencil sharpener today. It’s amazing.


It pulls in on its own while it sharpens.

It sharpens square sticks.
Perfect tip, from left to right: Conté, Generals compressed charcoal, and charcoal pencil.

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Waterford Track

No longer has a silly front wheel. The proper matching wheel has been replaced. I love this thing, and have owned it the longest out of all my current bikes, but sadly it’s been neglected as of late. I think I am going to pull it down off the wall and throw a front brake on for the winter.

Fuso commuter/townie/do everything bike

This is my favorite bike (I think, it’s hard to decide). I ride it every day. I have always loved Dave Moultons work and was really excited when I finally found a Fuso in my size. I love the components on this bike too… Chris King, White Industries, Dura Ace track cranks… I’m so lucky to have such a nice bike to ride every day.

Eddy Merckx Team Telekom Corsa Extra

Seriously? I own a Merckx? I never actually thought that I would be riding a Corsa Extra. This is one of those bike that I always dreamed to own but didn’t ever think would happen.  I am truly fortunate to have this and I believe that the bike gods were smiling for me the day I acquired it. Hopefully during winter break I will have lots of extra free time to do some long rides. I would really love to ride down to Santa Cruz sometime soon. I will be taking  it with me to San Diego when I go for the Holiday. There are some beautiful rides in San Diego.

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