Befores and Afters


Purple for Halloween

I look like a meth addict.

Red because I fucked up.

(No more meth)


Today a guy came to fix the elevator in my building (I am the manager). All he needed to do was tighten a screw, which I wish I would have known so I could have done it myself. We(he) got to talking and he started asking all these questions basically trying to figure out what I do with my spare time.

Elevator guy: You seem pretty mechanical minded. Are you?

Me: I guess, kinda.

Guy: Do you study math or science?

Me: No.

Guy: Do you go to school?

Me: Yes.

Guy: Are you an art student?

Me: Yes I study illustration.

Guy: Oh that makes sense!

No it doesn’t. I felt like I was on one of those psycic shows where they name a bunch of names and places untill they get something right.

Then he told me he is looking for someone to draw him a very detailed drawing of a nude pregnant lady to laser etch on multiple peices of glass so he can take it to burning man. I was at a loss for words. I made it pretty clear from the beginning I wasn’t interested but he kept on going. After about a half hour of him blabbing and me nodding I finally told him I’m trying to concentrate on my schoolwork and portfolio and don’t have time right now to do free lance work. Also that I was in the middle of doing some online schoolwork when he came that I really needed to get back to.  Then he asked me if he could come to my apartment to take a look at my portfolio. WHAT THE HELL. Some people just don’t understand when they have taken something too far.

I think he was a little ticked off when he finally left.

New Jeans

I am trying out the dry denim thing. Here we go.

Captians Log
Day One
Brand: Naked and Famous
Cut: Skinny Girl
My thoughts: Pants are too tight. Hopefully they will expand about one pant size or I am fucked. Look how it squishes my love handles.

Hair is short!


Time for a new look.

I’ve decided to chop all off my long beautiful locks. They looks nice, and it took me years to grow, but now they gotta go. HEHE!

Here is a before picture.

After pictures coming soon to a computer screen near you.

Welcome to my blog

I hope you enjoy my blog about my life. Mainly things bike related, pictures of my cute kitties Kareem and Miko and probably some other random crap.